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4- 5% Additional service charges

JCYBUY / 2014-08-28

5% Additional service charges =
“Transportation Insurance service fees 3% + Special Service fees 2%”


You can choose either one, or both, or neither!


Transportation Insurance services


charges = 3% * ( products' prices + domestic shipping fees + commission + international shipping fee)


1. If online-tracking information shows that the parcel has not arrived at your country, after 3 months, JCYBUY will refund 100 % * ( products' prices + domestic shipping fees + commission + international shipping fee)

2. When signing the parcel, please first take pictures of weight and apperance of the parcel; and then take non-stop video when picking products out of the parcel and check. If you find that you have something missing or damaged, offer proves to us within 3 days, and JCYBUY will refund 30% to 100%, according to product type, damage extent, your proofs.


3. JCYBUY will undertake international transportation risk only for these services: cargo “Manzhouli to Zabaikalsk”,China Post Air Parcel, international EMS, China Post Registered Air Mail, and E-EMS.


For other shipping services, JCYBUY will only undertake the responsibility of the domestic part. When the parcel is signed by the warehouse in China of your cargo agent, we consider it as final successful delivery.


4. For high-risk products of liquid, powder, batteries, or electronic products, and fragile products, before you pay, please first ask our online assistant to get to know the latest international transport situation of these products.


If you do not ask, for possible problems in transit , JCYBUY will not take any responsibility. And even we agreed to risk to help you buy these products, when you have losses or damages in transit , JCYBUY could only refund 20% to 50%.


5. For food, medicines or any other prohibited goods by customs, you do not need to pay insurance, since we will not take any responsibility of problems of these products. Welcome you to read more details on this page:


Warm reminding:


1. Due to bad weather, natural disasters, customs security check failed, or shipping companies’ operating errors, the parcel might be delayed in transit, some products might get lost or destroyed. JCYBUY cannot control any of these, and so for orders which have not paid for transport insurance services, after the parcel issued from our warehouse, JCYBUY will not bear any responsibility for problems in transit, and will not make any compensation.


2. After you signed the parcel, please contact JCYBUY timely, and offer related proofs. After 3 days, no problems will be accepted. 


Necessary proofs are mentioned on this page: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=84


3. JCYBUY help with Chinese customs only, customers have to deal with customs of your own country. For possible delay or losses caused by problems of your own customs, or possible customs tax, JCYBUY will not make any compensation. 


Special Services


charges = 2% * ( products' prices + domestic shipping fees + commission + international shipping fee)


1. Give priority to purchase orders, arrange shipping

2. Weigh products separtely, at most 10 groups for each order

3. Pack products separtely and ship, at most 10 small parcels for each order

4. Detailed pictures for products between 100 to 500 CNY, at most 10 products for each order

5. Pictures of measurements for products between 100 to 500 CNY, at most 10 products for each order

6. No separate pictures for products less than 100 CNY;ready to take pictures for any products more than 500 CNY.

7. Before packing and shipping, display all products and take pictures to show all to you

8. Help search products, help choose products, help design curtains, wedding dress, evening dress, etc



Warm reminding:
Please tell our online assistant in advance which service you want among the list.



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