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3-Customs issues

JCYBUY / 2013-06-05


Customs is the official organization responsible for collecting taxes on goods coming into a country and preventing illegal goods from being brought in.

Customs duties are taxes that people pay for importing and exporting goods.


Different countries might have different customs restrictions, and rules of duties. 

All customers have to be responsible for possible customs problems, or customs duties!

JCYBUY will not pay anything on behalf of customers! 


For customers who paid 3% insurance to JCYBUY, JCYBUY can take the responsibilities of problems from Chinese customs.



Customs are very sensitive about the following products:


food, seasoning, snacks, weight-loss products, health products, medicines, skin care products, cosmetics, toiletries, nail polish, hair gels, dyes and other grooming products, etc


dangerous products like liquid, powder, match, lighter, which is flammable, explosive


battery or products which contain battery


If you have any of these products in your parcel, Customs Officials might detain your parcel very long, might make detailed inspection and then confiscate any of these products.


Please Do Not Risk to buy these things which we displayed on this page!



If you pay us for any of these sensitive products, we consider that you yourself will take all risks and all responsibilities! Our purchasers will help you pay sellers directly, without more warnings!


And remember:

even you paid 3% insurance, JCYBUY will not make compensation for shipping problems of these products! 














































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