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2-Online-shopping issues

JCYBUY / 2013-06-11

Pictures shown on the product page are only for reference.

Sellers cannot promise you that the real one will be 100% exactly same as you see and feel from pictures!


Because of different batches, different light, different angles, or different photographic technology,
there might be some differences on color, on some tiny details, on measurements, or on quality you see and feel.


For problems related to these aspects, JCYBUY will not take responsibility, will not make compensation!


Kindly warning: do not buy too cheap clothes! For clothes which are less than 100 CNY, if there are some small quality problems, taobao do not support buyers to return or change! For tiny quality problems of cheap things, which is not obvious, it is generally acceptable by customers, and JCYBUY might take it as normal and send to customers directly.

Information of materials shown on the product page are only for your references.


JCYBUY will not make compensation for the following reasons:
not real leather, not natural fur, colour fading, not good materials, not good quality, not good workmanship, etc.


Clothes of same style, but of different price, different sellers, might have different quality, different wearing effect. 

And for same quality, same style, some sellers might sell at higher price, some sellers might sell at lower price! We do not have special machines to support true and false identification, unable to help you evaluate level of materials.


It is not our service to help you argue with sellers or bargain with sellers, we could not promise to help you get better quality at lower price, could not make sure you will not get poorer quality at higher price!


We are unable to evaluate how clothes stand up to wear and tear.
Unable to tell you its durability, abrasive resistance, wash resistance, or fade resistance, etc.  


JCYBUY will not accept any disputes related these aspects!



Tailor-making according to picture of clothes style, or picture of super model.

Sellers cannot promise real one you get will be exactly same as pictures show, please read warning on product pages clearly before you decide to do tailor-making. Decoration and materials of clothes on super model might be extremely expensive, while sellers might make for you at very cheap price, using much cheaper materials and decorations!  


If you decide to do tailor-making, please remember

If you do not like any details, you pay extra service fees, pay shipping fees, and sellers might help you adjust. 

If you want to return directly, most sellers might not allow; some sellers might allow you to return, but refund at most 50% of the price to you.


Measurements of ready clothes and shoes shown on the product page are only for your references.

Checking by hand, different people might get different measurements of the same clothes!
There might be a difference of 2 to 5cm.


For ready clothes, or shoes, sellers can suggest a size which will be relatively good for you, but could not promise you that their suggested size will be exactly good for you! If you are not happy with measuremets of some detailed part, and want to return, or change, you need to pay for all domestic shipping fees!


If you have higher expectation, you can choose taobao shops which support tailor-making according to your own specific measurements.


Please be cautious when choosing products from taobao, or any other shopping website.


Customers decide what to buy, customers should take all risk of possible product problems!
For possible negative using effects, JCYBUY will not take any responsibility, will not make



Different countries might have different electrical system, different power!

Electrical products from China, might not work properly in your country, and might get burnt out. JCYBUY will not take responsibility of problems like this!


For furniture like chair, desk, or any other products of high-volume, or heavyweight products;
for breakable products like chandelier, glass vase; for liquid products like toner, cleansing milks, creams and gels;


if you have any, please discuss with us first before you pay for the order, to see whether we can ship for you, and see what we can promise you about safety problem.


Our compensation rate might vary according to level of risk in transit, and damaged condition.


If with lower potential security risks, we might agree to buy,  but when there are shipping problems, we make compensation only to customers who paid 5% insurance, and refund at most 50%.


If with higher potential security risks, we might help you buy, but might not offer any compensation for shipping problems in transit from JCYBUY warehouse to your address, even if you paid insurance! Before shipping, you can ask us for pictures to prove that the products are in good condition when in our warehouse. If there are any problems, you can talk with us before shipping, and we will try to help you talk with sellers. After you confirmed about shipping, for further problems of these high-risk products, we do not take responsibilities! If you are not ready for big risk of these things, please do not risk to buy, JCYBUY will not pay for your risk.  



As long as you paid to JCYBUY for any of the above products, we consider that you have understood and accepted all your risks and responsibilities of online shopping, and have been ready for possible losses! And JCYBUY purchasers will buy for you directly, without more warnings!












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