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1- Compensation Rules

JCYBUY / 2013-01-15


Online-shopping issues:


Customs issues:



Rules and requirements of Compensation on losses:



Insurance service:


When you are signing a parcel, checking goods, please video the whole process! 

Requirements of a video, please read this page: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=84


You can upload your vedio to VK,facebook, YouTube, or Yandex, and send us URL of your vedio.

For every vedio, please name it like this "order # from taobao agent www.jcybuy.com"


Please remember to send us feedback of each parcel within 3 days after you signed the parcel!

After 3 days, JCYBUY will not read any negative feedback, and will not make any compensation!



For shipping problems on the road from JCYBUY warehouse to hand of receiver, only to customers who paid insurance, JCYBUY will make compensation.

If you have any problems, please send us URL of related vedio, which can show reliable evidence to JCYBUY, and JCYBUY will offer better solutions to you!


If JCYBUY did not check products properly and you have any of the following problems:


serious quality problems like big blemishes, big holes, or big damages which can be seen easily, which make you unable to use the product any more;

asked for size 37, but come with a size label of 36 or any other bigger or smaller size number;

asked for green, come with red, white or any other completely different color;


As long as you can offer clear prove, no matter you paid insurance, or not, JCYBUY will make compensation.



JCYBUY will not make compensation

for tiny quality problems which can be repaired easily,

for tiny color differences,

for problems of detailed measurements, level of workmanship, level of materials, etc,


Here are some reasons, for which we cannot make compensation:

The seller suggested size L for bust circumference of 108cm,

but L come with a bust of only 104cm, or come with a bust of 112cm;

The seller suggested size 40 for foot of 25cm,

but size 40 come with an insole of only 24.7cm, or come with an insole of 26cm;

The seller suggested size L for baby of 90cm high, but size label is L (80);

You asked us to buy size 37, size label is 37, but it is not suitable for you;

You asked us to buy size XL, but measurements are not same as shown on website;

You need size L, measurements are almost same as shown on product page for L, only a difference within 2 to 5cm, but
size label is 12.


JCYBUY do not undertake any responsibility of using results of products!


First special warning for electronic products, electrical appliances, cell phone, computers, curling iron, printer, fax machine, etc:


These products should pass strict inspection before they leave factory. There are no problems normally! But different country might have different electric system, these things from China might not be able to work well in your country!


JCYBUY can help you check if can pass electricity normally.

JCYBUY might not check detailed functions and performance of these complicated products.


If any customers have special requirements, welcome you to tell us what functions you want us to check, but please remember:


If you want us to open original packaging and check functions, some sellers might only support us to send back for repairing, when there are problems! They might not send brand new one for you again!


If you pay us for any of these products, we consider that you yourself will take all risks and all responsibilities! Our purchasers will help you pay sellers directly, without more warnings!


Before shipping, if you ask, we can take pictures for you, with your products connected to the power source, or take pictures about functions which can be shown!


Second special warning for food, seasoning, snacks, weight-loss products, health products, medicines, skin care products, cosmetics, toiletries, nail polish, hair gels, dyes and other grooming products, etc:


We do not have special machines, or professional skills to support true and false identification.

We could not help deal with any safety issues, so we kindly do not suggest customers buy any of these products from Chinese online shops. It is of more risks for you to buy these products than clothes, from China, since safety guarantee of online shopping is much poorer than real store!


Considering safety, Customs officials might confiscate these things.


If you lose anything related to sensitive products by customs, even you paid 5% insurance, JCYBUY will not make compensation! We might only be able to return commission of these things to you as support!


More information about customs, please read this page:http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=42


If you pay us for any of these sensitive products, we consider that you yourself will take all risks and all responsibilities! Our purchasers will help you pay sellers directly, without more warnings!



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