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3-Charge Policies

JCYBUY / 2013-06-05


Total cost of the order 

products' prices + domestic shipping fees + basic service fee + international shipping fee


First payment = products' prices + domestic shipping fees + basic service fee
Second payment = international shipping fee


You make the first payment to us, then we start to buy the order;
When we get all products from taobao sellers, we will calculate international shipping fee 

and ask you to make the second payment.



Basic service fee = 8% * (products' prices + domestic shipping fees)

We charge at least 35 CNY from every order.


Every parcel, at most 20kg, if more than 20kg,

we ship freely in two or more parcels to same receiver or freely to several receivers!


If you order for many people at a time, and want us to pack things separately or send things separately to different address: you have to pay 2% of total cost for Special Service; or pay at least 35 CNY as commission for work of each person; or submit orders separately for each person.



Preferential Policies:


Amount of cumulative consumption,

If less than 3000 USD, enjoy commission rate 8%

If more than 3000 USD, less than 10000 USD, enjoy commission rate 7%

If more than 10000 USD, enjoy commission rate 6%


More preferential policies for new and old customers are shown on this page:



5% Additional service charges =
“Transportation Insurance service fees 3% + Special Service fees 2%”


Transportation Insurance fee = 3% * Total cost of the order

Special Services fee = 2% * Total cost of the order


You can choose either one, or both, or neither before you submit the order! Before you pay the order, you can always ask us to change your decision, if you need!  


After you paid the order, if we started to buy your order, you will not be able to change any more. (Detailed service instructions are shown here:

in English language http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=93,

in Russian language: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=59)



Products’ price:

pay to JCYBUY according to the price shown on the related page.


If there is a promotion price (促销价), you pay us according to the promotion price!

If there is a VIP price, since you are not VIP, then you have to pay us according to the original price!


Domestic shipping price from taobao sellers to JCYBUY:

10 to 30 CNY/kg, varies according to weight, volume, distance between sellers and JCYBUY, and specific choice of express company.


If you buy only one piece from a link, we charge shipping fee accoring to express price (快递费) shown on the related page. If you buy more than one piece, then we charge according to weight estimated by the seller!


If you choose ordinary shipping service (快递) which takes about 4 to 7 working days:
It is 12 to 15 CNY for first kg, 8 to 10 CNY for every additional kg


If you choose SF shipping service (顺丰) which takes only 1 to 2 working days:
It is 25 to 30 CNY for first kg, 15 to 20 CNY for every additional kg


International shipping fee: EMS, air big package, air small package, cargo service


we offer 50% discount off for EMS, you can calculate price

on this website http://www.yw56.com.cn/english/index-en.asp


For customers from Ukraine or Russia, please read the following website

about cargo service http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=74


For customers from Russia, we suggest the following cargo service which is fast,

and only 40 CNY/kg from JCYBUY to Zabaikalsk http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=60


Customs fee:
Beofore you work with us, please try to know policies of your local customs, you may

be required to pay tariffs sometimes. JCYBUY will not charge any customs fees from you;

you pay directly to your customs!


Rate from CNY to USD = 0.168


price of JCYBUY Goods List are in CNY
But total price of Goods list will be calculated into USD at a rate of 0.168 from CNY to USD


All price details will be shown at Fee Total, here is a picture for you to take as an example.



During processing of orders, you might want to add or delete some links,


Service fees and Insurance fees will automatically change accordingly.


For a little debt, we allow customers to pay with shipping fees.



Other charges:

Besides service details promised by JCYBUY here on this page http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=58,

if you want any other services that we have never offered before, when we have time, we will try to satisfy you, but you will need to pay extra service fees. For specific charges, we can discuss when you have this kind of case!


Payment Methods : unistream, Western Union, bank transfer (T/T), PayPal


From Ukraine, most customers pay us by unistream

From Russia, most customers pay us by western union

Warning: It is expensive for Russian customers to pay small amount by bank transfer,

since related banks might charge 37 USD in total from each payment!


But for customers who pay more than 2000 USD at a time, you can use " Золотую Корону " to pay to our bank account, total fee is only 25 USD.


If you pay by PayPal, normally PayPal will deduct "4.4% + 0.3 USD" from every

payment to JCYBUY account, and they will charge 47 USD everytime

when we transfer money to our bank account!


It is very expensive for us, JCYBUY have to charge 4% from every customer who will use PayPal to pay us!



If you pay JCYBUY by PayPal, we will add only 96% of your payment to your account on JCYBUY website!


If you do not want us to deduct 4% from your PayPal payment, you can make your payment

as for friends or family, so that PayPal will not charge fees from us!


But when you submit payment details to us, please remember to upload a picture to us of your PayPal transaction details!


(Please read this article shared by one of our friendly customer:

http://shophelp.ru/forum/showpost.php?p=4441605 )






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