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4-Preferential Policies

JCYBUY / 2013-06-06

Preferential policies shown on this page will take effect from June 20, 2014

JCYBUY customer group on Shophelp:



JCYBUY customer group on VK:


JCYBUY customer group on facebook:




 New customers —— Commission Rate 4%


When you get the first parcel from JCYBUY, please objectively comment the general service of JCYBUY team on pages of JCYBUY shophelp group, VK group, and facebook group, and upload vedio to show off your first parcel from JCYBUY, share your shopping experiences or feelings.


You send us the vedio URL with your comments within 7 days after you signed the parcel, JCYBUY will return half of the commission of your first order, to your account on JCYBUY website, and the commission rate you enjoy from the first order will actually be 4%, you can use this money to buy your second order.


Kind Warning:


For same customer, please do not register many accounts on our website.
If you have problems with your former account, and want to register a new account, please inform us in advance, so we can adjust, and offer better service to you!

JCYBUY will check the following information of the new customer, before returning cash:

1)Email, Skype, Telephone, Full Name, PayPal account, Western union account.
2)Shipping Method, Country, City, Post Code, Address


If any information of group 1) was recorded by other account before, this customer will not be able to enjoy this special discount!


Write Comments, Upload Vedio, Make suggestions,
Refer customers —— send cash + nice gifts


Every time you get a parcel from JCYBUY, if you write your comments about our service and your feelings of shopping, on our shophelp group page, or any other famous forum which you can refer customers to JCYBUY.


JCYBUY will send you 5 CNY + nice gift


When you are signing a parcel, checking goods, please video the whole process! You can also show off your favorite products by video, and share with us fun of shopping.


Welcome to upload your video to VK,facebook, YouTube, or Yandex,
Name your video as:"order 1 from taobao agent
www.jcybuy.com" , and then write your comments, and send the video URL to JCYBUY.


JCYBUY will send you 10 CNY + nice gift 


Welcome all new and old customers to praise advantages of JCYBUY, or point out our shortcomings and make suggestions. JCYBUY team will seriously consider suggestions of every customer, and try everything we can to offer the best help. 


If you have any good suggestions, welcome you to contact Jaycee directly. 
lcajaycee@hotmail.com, Skype: superjchao) 


If your suggestions are helpful and taken by us, JCYBUY will send you 10 to 100 CNY + nice gift.


Refer new customers to us, JCYBUY will send 10 to 100 CNY + nice gift.


Edited by Jaycee on June 9, 2014



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  • Boateng ( 2015-05-19 13:05:09 )

    Excelente servicio

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