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1-Register and Quick Order

JCYBUY / 2014-08-28

To register an account on our website www.jcybuy.com

1) Click on "Register now



2) Username and Email can register only once on our website,

when a username or email has been used by others, our system will remind you to use other information to register. 




6 steps to submit information to register, as follow



3) After you submitted the information, our system will send you an email



4) Please check your email, and click on the link to complete the registration.




5) You click on the link, and our system will record it as a valid email address, and our workers will use that address to keep in touch with you.



Successfully registered and logined in, and you will see the following welcome page.




6) After you registered successfully on our website,  in future, you just need to click on "User Login" , fill in Username and Password to login in directly.




Quick Order

1) Add a taobao product link, click on " Quick Order "


Check all information and correct when necessary,

fill in your requirements about color and size,

you can also make your own note,

and then click on "Add to cart"



Click on "Continue" to add more products to the cart



Add a taobao URL and submit


JCYBUY website system can automatically grab taobao page information

(page Name , Price, domestic Shipping fee, the first main Picture)




 Check and correct information


Please do not change or remove Name of product. But when our system failed to grab page name, please add accordingly.


You can correct Price, Shipping fee, Quantity.

Here, you add short and key information like size and color, JCYBUY purchasers will read and buy accordingly.


My Note:
Here, you write Memo for the related product, just for your own use, JCYBUY will not read.


Picture URL:
Every online picture has related URL, you just need to right-click on picture you want, and copy related picture URL, and then add the correct Picture URL here to show what you want.


For example: http://gd3.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/55020135/T2uu9pXexXXXXXXXXX_!!55020135.jpg, add this picture URL of a pillow, and the image will show a pillow.


Warm Reminding:
If the picture does not show the correct model as you required in Comments, please change;
or you just click on "Picture URL", Back Space, to remove the picture, and there will not display any mis-leading pictures.


After you submitted the order, Goods List will have a message box for each product, where you can talk with the purchaser, upload specific pictures, as many as you want.


Click on "Confirm" to add the product to the cart, and then "View the cart",

or "Continue" to add more products.



Warm Reminding: To improve efficiency of working, for each order, we allow at most 70 links, if you have more than 70 links, please submit as two orders, making each order within 40 links, and we will have two purchasers work on each order at the same time! 



If you do not want to Continue to add any more products, then you click on: View the cart


Functions of My Cart: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=87

Functions of My Favorite: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=88



Check products you want to buy from the cart, and click on "Buy Now" to go to the next step.




At "Goods List"

you can see the "Subtotal" price of products and domestic shipping fee, which we need to help you pay to the sellers. And when necessary, you can still click on "Modify" to go back to the cart.




At "Consignee Info", click on "Modify" to fill in detailed shipping information of the order: Name, Address, Phone, City, Country, Postal Code, Email,



and then click on "Shipping according to this address"



Warm Reminding: Before shipping, we will ask you to confirm shipping information one more time, so do not worry, you will still have chance to change after you submitted the order!



Please choose Shipping Method: EMS International, International package (air or sea), or other

Special Services (2%) and Transportation Insurance (3%) are optional. You can choose either one, or both, or neither! 


For details please read charge policy: http://www.jcybuy.com/article.php?id=43
5% Additional service charges:




At "Order requirements" , you can make short note for the order.
At "Fee Total", you can check detailed charges.

If you have Balance in your account, you can Use balance directly when Submit Order.

If you do not have balance, then you have to pay first and ask us to Add money.  




After you submitted the order, you can go to My order, or Welcome page  






At Welcome page, you can see your Balance.
If money is not enough to pay for orders, you can click on "Add money" to check JCYBUY account.



You choose one method to make payment to us and then come back here to Submit related payment details. If your payment details are effective, our accountant will confirm money to your account immediately.


At Notice, you will see reminding of latest news of your orders. You can click on related order and view directly! At JCYBUY news, you will see our latest news of holiday, of website functions , of service policies, etc.





At My Order, you can see all your orders!
Each order has a chat box, you can talk with us about payment and shipping details of related order.


If you have enough balance, for orders which have Debt, you can click on quick button Pay to use balance, and the debt will be paid directly!



Click on one order, go to the page of order details.


At the top, you see order Status, Order change record, Shipping record



In the middle, you see Goods List:
Every product has a chat box, for you to communicate with the purchaser.


Items with red status are items that we have not purchased yet. Purchasers might explain details in the box. When you have news from the purchaser, the box will show "New", please check and answer soon in the box.



If you want to replace an item, or you want to add more products to the Goods List, Add URL and Submit like this.



If your Account balance is less than your debt (unpaid amount), means that you do not have enough money, then you cannot use quick button Pay at My Order


You can still Use Balance at Fee Total as this picture shows:





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