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2-Service Details

JCYBUY / 2013-10-23

 JCYBUY Service Details:


Teach customers to search products from


Introduce functions of JCYBUY website, teach customers to submit orders on


Remind customers to make the first payment of orders to JCYBUY account, and explain fee details when necessary


help choose sizes, when necessary;

help understand product information shown on shopping pages, when asked


Buy as required by customers


When products arrived at JCYBUY warehouse:

we help check products according to quantity, color, size, picture, or any other information required by customers.


When there are problems like wrong size, wrong color, wrong model, less quantity, or quality problems like big hole, big damage, big blemishes, etc , we help communicate with sellers, and help change or get money back. 


Warning: if you buy large quantity of same things within 10 CNY each, we could only choose some at random to check.


For example: if you buy 100 pieces of ball-point pens (1 CNY each), we might choose only 3 pieces at random to write and see effect; we will not be able to promise you 100% good.


Display all products together and take pictures, and offer pictures to customers when asked.


Report weight, and ask customers to confirm shipping information


Calculate shipping fees according to the shipping method decided by customers, and remind customers to make the second payment of the order to JCYBUY account


Ship out the parcel for the customer, when all debts are paid!

And JCYBUY services are finished!



Mutually Beneficial Conditions:


Normally we can buy your order within 1 to 2 working days after you paid; and ship out your order in 4 to 7 working days after we paid to sellers!


If after 9 working days since you paid, JCYBUY have not shipped anything for you, welcome you to contact Jaycee, and Jaycee will give you priority, and offer the best solution to satisfy you!

Within normal efficiency, please do not urge our workers on JCYBUY website!
We have a lot of work every day, every minute is precious to us.


If you are urgent, you can contact us on Skype, and ask for special help:

     Jaycee (English-speaking): superjchao

      Yana (Russian-speaking): jcybuy01

      Lisa (English-speaking): jcybuy03


Please make your messages as short as possible!
Make your questions as clear as possible!
For complicated questions, maybe pictures can help you explain to us better!


If your messages or information have different meanings, or confusing, or complicated, for possible problems, you have to take all responsibility! We might have to put aside your order, and work for other customers first! We might be able to talk with you only after we finished all other work!


We will begin to buy things only if your requirements become understandable and acceptable to us!


One order, one purchaser, one warehouse operator!


All things of the same order will be kept in the same carton, with one warehouse operator to take care!

When ready to ship, the warehouse operator needs to check quantity, take pictures, manage products properly in the carton, and then report weight!


If one order of huge quantity, of too many products, it might be somewhat difficult for only one warehouse operator to get all right quickly within a short time!


To avoid possible mistakes, to get all procedures faster, for every order, we allow at most 70 links; if you have an order of more than 70 links, please submit as two orders!

And you will enjoy much better efficiency, with work of two purchasers, two warehouse operators!  




Orders which are paid insurance, enjoy priority, since our website system will automatically set them on top of the task list of purchase department!


And JCYBUY always buy new orders first, and then deal with new messages of former orders!

So if you have only one to two links to add to the order, you can add directly to the former order!

But if you have many new links to add to the order, better make as another new order, so that we will be able to have another purchaser to buy for you soon, and you will enjoy the best efficiency from JCYBUY!


Welcome you to read functions of JCYBUY shopping cart:


For feedback of your products, or vedio URL of parcels, please email to Jaycee directly


To help customers save money on international shipping fee, we always remove all unnecessary shoes boxes, and paper bags! Instead, we might use much lighter packaging materials to protect your products.


If you need packaging materials from taobao sellers, like shoes boxes, paper bags, etc, please note in Comment when you make the order!


boxes, or paper bags are used to protect products inside;

JCYBUY will not make compensation for damages of boxes, or paper bags







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