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JCYBUY discount conditions to support your 2016 winter shopping

JCYBUY / 2016-10-18

Pay 1000 USD at a time, all orders in the rest of 2016 will be 4% commission

By Cargo to Russia, Belarus:
3 to 4 days from JCYBUY to Zabaikalsk of Russia,  
Within 50kg:30 CNY/kg
50kg to 100kg: 28 CNY/kg;
More than 100kg: 26 CNY/kg
Attention: Express charges from Zabaikalsk of Russia to other cities of Russia and Belarus, customers can pay upon arrival 

By E-EMS to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: 
4 to 10 working days, 1.2 CNY to 4 CNY for every additional 50g.

About how to Register and Quick Order, please read this page: 

Hope to see your orders soon on our website www.jcybuy.com!

Any questions about shipping and our services, welcome you to contact our online assistant Lisa.
Skpe: jcybuy03
Email: jcybuy03@hotmail.com



PS: If you have difficulties to search products on taobao, do not forget to use the new function:

you can upload a picture to search on www.taobao.com





Happy shopping, dear!
JCYBUY team 18th Oct, 2016


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